Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vista on my UMPC

Today I decided to take the plunge and get my Q1 UMPC running Windows Vista. I know it has been done before but what surprised was how simple it was. I headed over to UberTablet's place to borrow a Samsung Q1 DVD drive so I could do it right. when I got home I stuck the Vista DVD in the drive and booted the Q1. It booted from the DVD without issue and started to install the Windows Vista OS. I selected to wipe the mess off the drive and go for a complete fresh installation. The OS went on without a hitch. I then installed Office 2007 and hey presto I am mobile again.

What I have missing is the ability to change screen resolution, so I am stuck on the default 480 x 800 (which is where I leave it mostly anyway).


CTitanic said...

But there have been many people reporting that they have got the utility to change the resolution working too.

Dr. Neil said...

yes I have heard that, I tried loading the latest drivers and it seems to work some of the time.

CTitanic said...

I think that the trick is to install Samsung drivers first and then update them to the latest one from Intel or Samsung.