Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thoughts on MacWorld Keynote

I awoke early this morning to watch the recording of Steve Jobs give the MacWorld keynote. Steve is one of the best technology evangelists and speakers ever. He has his timing right, his demos look slick (even when things don’t go exactly as planned), his ability to tell a good story and be a friend to the audience is simply amazing.
He also does a fantastic job of making me want a product. I fell into this trap last year when I bought iLife and discovered how much of it was 'demoware'. Now I look at the Apple TV and iPhone and wonder how well they really function.

I was disappointed the last time when I bought the iLife package, but I also love my G4 Powerbook (yes I know it is so last century!)

Another thing that disappointed me with the iPhone presentation was the comparison of the iPhone with the existing Smartphone technologies. In my opinion the iPhone is not a Smartphone at all, it is a PDA Phone. Multi touch is a great innovation to bring into this marketplace but touch is nothing new in the PDA phone space.

After the keynote was over I went down to the beach to watch the sun rise. Funny how doing that can put everything into perspective. The world is beautiful and the iPhone or Zune or whatever the latest gadget is might look great but in the end it cant match the feeling of watching the sun rise with sand between your toes.

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