Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SMS Utils - it works on my machines

I have recieved a few emails in the last week regarding my SMS Utils software having expired.
While I enjoy using SMS Utils most days I havent used it much in the last month. I use it much more when I am on the road.
SMS Utils is a free product and my motivation to move fast to find the problem has been thwarted by clients paying me money to solve their issues first.
Finally last night I sat down and started up SMS Utils. It worked fine. Um...
I thought. I wonder if I have some special version I started work on and never delivered?
So I uninstalled it from my machine (Windows XP) and downloaded the public version. I ran it and it works fine, very strange.
If you are having issues with SMS Utils please will you send me information regarding which version you are running, what operating system you have on your PC, which operating system is running on your phone and what the model of your phone is. That might help me resolve this issue.

SMS Utils does not run yet on Windows Vista and I am hoping to have a Vista version out in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

I used to use your SMS util alot, but recently had to reinstall XP, now I get the "Dr Neil's SMS sender has expired" displayed on my phone, which is a i-Mate SP3 with WM 2003 Second edition, I'm using your v1.0 software. I've wiped the add-on memory card and done a hard factory reset on the phone, as I thought it may be something on the phone causing it. Ran out of ideas now. So if you have a solution, please could you drop me a line at shatheruk AT

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the v1.0 software. Dr Neil's SMS sender has expired, this is the message I am getting when I start the sms util on my phone.

Love to hear a sollution :-)
hettypoort @

Adrian Dornford-Smith said...

I have reinstalled version 1.0 of SendSMS after having problems with it sending SMSs and I now get "Dr. Neil's SMS Sender has expired." as an error on my SmartPhone (an HTC BlueAngel running Windows Mobile 2003 SE).
I have installed and uninstalled it many times to no avail.
Is there any known cure for this?


Dr. Neil said...

I wish I had more time for this project. As freeware it is out there for you to use, it is clear it needs more work to make it function for everyone.

Danny said...

Hi, I also get the same message - "Dr Neil's SMS sender has expired". I am using O2 Xphone 2m running on WM 2003. It seems like all the people who get this run on WM 2003. In my case, I used to use SMS Sender with the smartphone. Do I perhaps need to uninstall something on the smartphone?