Monday, January 08, 2007

Look Up And Smile

Even when I am working on the project and know when it is going live, Frank manages to blog about it before I can!

Look Up And Smile is one of the projects that has kept me busy in the last couple of weeks. The ViaWindowsLive team has been working on building the map page and the gadget.

Australia Day is a big public holiday to celebrate the diversity of Australia, maybe one day the country will even offically "Say Sorry".

Before any of you geeks complain about the size of the images on the web site, I can only say that the design and graphics on the site was the responsibilty of MRM Worldwide, I asked them to optimize the images, multiple times. They dont seem to have a blog. we know what that means, don't we ;) ?


Scott Carpenter said...

Great work with the site Neil!

However methinks the design was done by someone using a 27 inch flat screen LCD monitor on high resolution. :)

Dr. Neil said...

Thanks - yes it looks that way - also someone with no idea about downloadable content online. I wish we had more control over these things.