Monday, January 22, 2007

Submitting Sessions for TechEd - why is it so hard?

In the last couple of weeks I have been asked by a number of different people at Microsoft to submit sessions for TechEd.
At TechEd this year there will be a number of different tracks:

  • Architecture
  • Mobility
  • Business Applications (Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Office System
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security
  • Connected Systems
  • Windows Server Infrastructure
  • Database Development and Administration
  • Web Development & infrastructure
  • Developer Tools & Technologies
  • Windows Client
  • Identity & Access (virtual track)
  • Management & Operations
  • Unified Communications

Each track has a 'secret' code to allow me to make a submission to that track. I started with 2 submissions for the Windows Client track. Now I have some submissions to make for the Architecture and Mobility tracks. the system will not allow this. How could someone present sessions on more than one area?

My profile is now tied to the Windows Client track and I cannot submit sessions for the other tracks. Is there anyone else that has this issue? Am I a freak of nature for wanted to submit sessions in more than one track?

Update: My MVP lead has found someone that can edit the system and asign my submissions to the correct tracks.

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Anonymous said...

Well of course - how could anyone possibly be smart enough to know about two topics at once? :-)

Glad you got it sorted out...