Friday, January 05, 2007

Dr. Neil's Notes 36

Welcome to Show 36

Happy New Year!
Google blog updated
Hectic time with project deadlines

Aligning teams that are geographically distributed
McCarthy webcast

OneNote and Google Docs.

Happy coding
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Gabriel Gonzalez said...

I guess you are the solution architect/designer in your development team. My question is how do you split and spread the work over the available developers?

Do you prefer isolated modules with a well defined interface so they can work on their own?
or OTOH do you enjoy the idea of sharing e.g. two modules between 2 groups pushing them to comunicate more?

happy coding mate :D

Dr. Neil said...

Good question and a good topic for another show :)
We mostly don't think about it in terms of breaking the code into modules that a developer 'owns'. At the start of each week we look at what we (as a team) need to achieve that week and break that down into 'chunks' of work. Then each morning we look through these 'chunks' and split them into tasks that get divided between the team memebers.
Of course all code is commited to the source code control system multiple times per day, so the question of code ownership is not worth considering. We all own all of the code.