Thursday, January 18, 2007

Main Stream Media is for who?

I heard today that there have been ads in the media (radio, newspapers, etc..) for the Look Up And Smile website we have been working on.
It is amazing that I just dont have clue what is happening in the main stream media any more. I don't listen to the radio, watch TV (at least I skips ads), read newspapers.
When I think about it I don't believe I have heard or watched an ad for quite some time now.
All my information comes from RSS feeds, podcasts, online media.
Tatham sent me his interpretation of a radio ad he heard:

an ad on 104.1 2day FM last night that went something like this:

Nerdy muffled “space” voice: 5, 4, 3 ...
SFX Random Space Noises (breathing in space, blips, etc)
Bimbo “everything ends with an inflexion” woman: This Australia day we’re going to be celebrating by ...blah blah ... Centennial Park ... blah blah ...
Nerd: 2, 1 ... Look up and smile Sydney.
SFX Camera Click
Bimbo: Check out
SFX Generic Microsofty Sound (kinda like the Intel one)
Bimbo: Powered by Windows Vista

Where do you get your news?
Do you still kill trees to get the news in the morning?
What advertising have you heard in the last few days?

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John said...

Very true, why would i want to browse a newspaper when everything i'm interested in is at my fingertips?
I run Vista Media Centre for all TV and pride myself on watching an episode of something on DVD before even attemping to watch Free to Air TV. That way i simply skip the ads! Did you know you can watch 3 shows in the timeslot for 2?
So with advertising the big business that it is I can see some very interesting challenges ahead.