Thursday, April 03, 2014

My question to Satya Nadella at Build

While I cannot be in San Francisco at the Microsoft Build conference this week, I still managed to virtually attend and ask Satya a question in the keynote.

My question was 'what is the vision for Microsoft?', I mentioned that when I started working with Microsoft over 20 years ago the vision was the bold ambition to put a computer on every desk. I was hoping for an equally bold vision statement from the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

Saya's answer was good, in that I believe it is true. Microsoft is targeted on becoming a significant player in the 'mobile and cloud first' world of technology. However I would say that Microsoft has in many ways already achieved this and is not reaching high enough with this vision. A company like Microsoft has the potential to deliver world changing technology. Technology that fundamentally can shift the way people interact.
Am I satisfied with Satya's answer?
Yes, to the extent that it indicates that Microsoft wants to position itself safely in the space where every large technology business wants to be. It is a low risk answer, which I am sure is considered well by the stock market and shareholders.
At the same time I really wish we could see a company like Microsoft take on the challenge of a far greater aspiration. Very few companies in the world have the ability to achieve the big high risk goals that the world needs in order to move forward and see as much change in the next 30 years as we have seen in the last 30 years. I hope Microsoft can shift it's thinking to pick a bigger goal in the next few years.


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