Friday, September 29, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes 20

Welcome to Show 20

Special guest Hugo "UberTablet" Ortega talks about
the Samsung deal
his Fujitsu
the Vega

Other News

Update to
New mashups on

This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC

Happy Coding

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes 19

Welcome to Show 19

Todd and Ink Analysis SDK
Download it here


Handango Summit last weekend - demo of UMPC

In Redmond the rest of this week talking to product teams

New edition of Dynamics of Software Development

RC1 on M400 - looking really good

New version of Virtual Earth

This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC

Happy Coding

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes 18

Welcome to Show 18

Back in Sydney, Australia

Is it really 3 weeks since I cast to your pods?

TechEd Australia - awesome
Hugo blogs the whole thing from a Tablet perspective :)

Playing around with ASP.NET 2.0

RC1 up and running on my M400

Lots of cool UMPC applications on Handango

Judging the UMPC contest

Happy coding

Monday, September 04, 2006

Demoware from Microsoft

I have previously posted here on my lack of approval for Apple's iLife demoware. The iLife product looks great in demos and then produces content that can't be viewed on any other platform than OSX.
Well this time it is Microsoft's turn to take the stick. I have been playing around with updating my website. I want to do it using ASP.NET and use the standard 'out of the box' controls. You can see what I have produced so far here
This looks great using IE 6 on Windows XP. In FireFox or Safari it doesnt work quiet so well. It looks like the menu control doesn't scale correctly in FF and totally doesnt work in Safari. The contents don't scale in either FF or Safari. Image alignment doesn't work in FF.
I am only using the standard controls and I am building a v. simple site. I am impressed by the tiny amount of code I have to write to create this site. I am very dissapointed it doesn't just work on all browsers. I could understand there might be issues if I was doing something 'clever' but a basic site like this should just work.
If Microsoft carries on building tools like this then they don't deserve the loyalty of web developers.