Friday, February 16, 2007

Dr. Neil's Notes 42

Welcome to Show 42

Real work - well kinda!
Coding with Messenger APIs - agents and activities
Energy Levels - highs and lows

Doing your best?
Or managing upwards?

Happy coding
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Alex said...

Hi Neil,

just a note to say that I am enjoying your podcast as usual, especially your musings on work and business in general. As I work in Japan, upbeat and positive usually give way to "shut up" and "I'm not worthy". Perhaps it's time to quit my job...oh wait I did !

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Dr. Neil said...

Hi Alex,

thanks for being my listener in Japan :)
I guess some of this is cultural but I also know several Japanese people who like to deliver value and not only manage upwards.
Well done on quiting your J O B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Neil,

Very interesting episode because it really hits home for me. Do you have any advice for people like myself, who have to work with someone who only manages upwards? Especially if that person is your team leader?