Friday, October 29, 2004

Share Keyboard and Mouse between Desktop and Tablet PC

So now I have my Tablet sitting in it's stand next to the screen of my desktop PC I want to share the keyboard and mouse that is plugged into my desktop PC and use it on my Tablet PC. I dont want to clutter my desk with another keyboard and mouse.
Of course I could use a remote PC connection but then I basically give up the Tablet PC screen and might as well have the Tablet PC sitting on a shelf!
A friend suggested I try MaxiVista which looks good and would allow me to use my Tablet PC as a second screen on my desktop PC. Trouble is I just couldn't get MaxiVista to work. So they don't get my $50!
I have downloaded the Tablet PC Utility: ShareKMC this looks pretty good but it seems to work quite slowly. There is obvious delay in the mouse movement. I might try it some more.
My latest download is Synergy this looks really promising and the source is avaiable too! If it doesn't do exactly what I want I can make it do what I want :)
If I remember I'll keep you posted on progress and let you know what I end up using.


Anonymous said...

why not contacting their superb tech support. They helped me out quickly. Nice and friendly.


Anonymous said...

If Linux were ever an option.. or even better, for somebody to port it to windows.. there's something called "X2VNC" that I'ved used in the past. Basically, it hooks onto the VNC protocol and uses that to send mouse movements and keyclicks to a target computer, without sending the display across. The controller part right now is only on Unix; the client side is straight VNC. it should be easy to port for somebody with the right skills. In fact, i'd pay $50 to anybody who does it. :]
- sunnywiz at livejournal dot com

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Anonymous said...

Nowadays Laptop is very popular and mostly users owned it rather than desktop....the very advantage of Laptop is you can carry it wherever you are as long it has a wireless internet connection available.

But Desktop has an advantage also over Laptops, this include upgrade of OS and other internal accesories.

Well for me, I had to buy both so wherever I go just pack the Laptop and when getting home I got Desktop. Lol!