Saturday, October 23, 2004

My new Tablet PC stand

I have been thinking of getting a dock for my Toshiba M200. But the issue with the dock is that I have to take off the portfolio case each time I want to dock it and then put it back on when I want to go out and about with the Tablet.
I wanted a solution that would let me stick the Tablet on my desk and use it, then be able to pick it up and go.
I also wanted access to the ports at the side so I can plug cables in and out etc... Of course the dock would solve the cable problem but not the case problem.
Today I have found a solution that might just work.
I bought a plastic plate stand from a homeware store. It wasn't a perfect fit but with the help of a file I removed some of the stand and shaped it to hold the Tablet.
Here it is:

My New Tablet Stand in action Posted by Hello

This is it! Posted by Hello

The best thing is the price!
$2.50 + about two hours with a file and some sandpaper :)

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the great idea... i've tried it and love it!!!