Monday, March 05, 2007

Vista on the iTablet

This weekend I took the challenge of installing Vista on my iTablet. Up until a little birthday present arrived in my inbox last week I had been told that the iTablet would not support Vista due to BIOS issues. Well it appears that the BIOS issues can now be resolved with a BIOS update from Amtec (the OEM).
I am always fearful of flashing the BIOS, it used to be something that would often leave a computer dead and useless (in the old days). This was a painless enough process that could all be done under Windows XP.
I was considering installing Vista on a spare hard drive just in case it all went wrong, but in the end decided to simply back up my data and zap the whole machine for a clean install of Vista. I am now super glad for it. The iTablet has a new lease of life and seems to work even better than before, faster response etc...
The screen rotate hardware button is the only thing I havent got working yet. Anyone out there solved this?


AdamB said...

Do you have a link to the BIOS you used? I am in the same situation.

Martin said...

Dear Dr. Neil,

I would like to trie Vista on my iTablet T01, but unfortunately, Amtek seem to have removed all T01 data from their site, zo I can't flash my BIOS. Could you please send me the file or a link to it?