Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Audi project announced

One of the projects that has kept me busy in the last couple of weeks was announced last night by none other than UberTablet himself.
The project was to create an Audi branded software keyboard for the UMPC. The skin for the keyboard was designed by TrickyBusiness in Expression Blend. It totally rocks (even if I say so myself!)

Update: For pictures of beautiful women stroking my keys be sure to check out Hugo's blog post :)


Christian said...

Nice job!
I will report about it in the next days on The German Car Blog (www.germancarblog.com) and Foursprung (www.foursprung.com).

Anonymous said...

Off topic - If you open the zoomed picture of the keyboard you get the great phantom dots optical illusion happening...

Anonymous said...

The project to creat an Audi branded software keyboard for UMPC is great opportunity to show the potential.