Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sidebar Route Finder Gadget

Now that Vista has RTM'd I thought I should get some of my demos cleaned up and out into the world.

I did a demo of this Gadget at Dev Connections in Las Vegas 10 days ago.
Dr. Neil's Route Finder uses Virtual Earth to find a route using the VE API's.
The Gadget lets you display the route in flyout windows on the desktop or on a SideShow display if you have one available.

Update: changed SideBar to Sidebar to keep Microsoft marketing and Mr. Moth happy ;)

Woops! The link on the page went to the SideShow test gadget - fixed now.


Anonymous said...

While it would be nice if I had productive technical feedback, I'll opt for the pedantic, nit-picking, spelling variety :-p

In your blog entries, while you spell “SideShow” correctly, you are incorrectly uppercasing the ‘b’ in “Sidebar”... I know you really wanted to know that!

Dr. Neil said...

Thanks Daniel, all feedback is good feedback I have adjusted the blog post and will make sure the next version of the gadget has the correct naming.