Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes 31

Welcome to Show 31

Staring Hugo Ortega

Welcome to another show

Organizer pack for Samsung Q1
IE7 - Good for screen space - bad for memory

Applications on the UMPC

What do we like?
Outlook! - Craig Pringle on Getting More from a small screen
Games - Spider Solitaire
E-Reader pro

What we would like to see

More lifestyle apps
Education based appliactions that use touch

Happy Coding!

Any other topics you would like us to discuss?

This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with Castblaster


Anonymous said...

Great podcast.
You guys know about UMPC2007? Was presented by MS at the VTF in Computex.

"To be a UMPC2007 version, a device must be able to support Windows Vista, use LED backlight technology, maintain the current 1Ghz class CPU (but reduce power.) and reduce thickness and weight to sub 700gm. The device should also support WWAN technologies for an always connected experience. There are some 'possible' scenarios thrown in too like solid-state disks, integrated LCD touch panels (not the multi-part panels that are used today.) and passive cooling"

And BTW, the killer app is nothing that you can write for the UMPC, its all the internet based '2.0' apps that are coming online. The browsers and always-on connectivity is all thats needed. Thats my feeling anyway.


Dr. Neil said...

Hi Chippy,

thanks, it's great to know someone is listening ;)

I have to disagree about the web 2.0 apps being the killer apps for the UMPC. A UMPC is not a webpad, it is a full PC and for me working offline is a very important aspect. There are many times when I cannot be online. It is very easy for geeks and techies to live in an always connected bubble. The real value in my mind is the smart client scenarios. working with local data and then syncing online when appropriate.

Mike said...

Yes I am thinking about the best way to adapt CastBlaster for the UMPC. In the new Video version I already made a special UMPC layout, although I do not know if it will run on a UMPC. For these reasons I am looking into buying one, just not sure yet which is the best.

PS: note I will probably forget to check back here, better use my email if you like to reply See