Sunday, July 25, 2004

A truly American experience

I went to a baseball game last night! I went to see the Seattle Mariners play against the Anaheim Angels. The Mariners lost 8 - 2. It made no difference to me who won, the event itself was the fascination for me.
It seems the main reason most people go is to have somewhere they can drink and eat for a solid three hour stretch. I have to say most of them didn't look like they should be quite so hungry.
I had a vege-dog, after all I couldn't miss out on the full experience.
All I can say is it's certainly not cricket :)

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Anonymous said...

It certainly is different ;) The thing I found most amusing was the electronic signs telling the crowd to make more noise during the game. <g> Oh and of course, how could you forget that cheezy organ music ...

Still, the strangest thing is... I somehow enjoy it. Must be the novelty and/or the comany.