Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Coding Slave

I have just finished reading Coding Slave by Bob Reselman.
I give it a seven out of ten.
What I like about it:
It's an easy read, flows nicely and has some nice ideas. The seperate threads of the tale pull together to weave the web that is the whole story. The characters really get me, I kept thinking I know someone like that. The style is very informal and easy to read. The book is short and sweet. Nice work Bob.
In order to get a ten:
There would have been more of it. I felt like the story ended earlier than I would have liked. More could have happened but didn't. I was disappointed by the ending, but maybe that was the point?
The book itself could be better presented, there are a few gramatical errors.
While the story puts a blunt reality into perspective I believe it could do so much more. It is quoted as 'the novel the software industry does not want you to read!' I am not convinced but I think it has all the potential to be the the novel the software industry has banned employees from reading!

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