Friday, February 13, 2009

Microsoft Surface in the snow

I am on the last leg of the European Microsoft Surface training tour. Delivering the first round of external Microsoft Surface training to partners. I am getting to enjoy learning to be a commuter in the different parts of the world. this morning I got the train to the Munich MTC. The train station this morning was interestingly quiet and serene.
Today we discussed the vision behind Surface and how to build better Surface applications, all the attendees get to build a Surface application in the two day course. the course outline looks like this:
  • The Surface Vision
  • The Architecture of Surface applications
  • Setting up a Surface device and the out of the box applications
  • Working with the Simulator
  • Integrating with the Surface Shell
  • Designing Surface experiences
  • Using the Surface Controls
  • Vision Recognition with Surface
  • End to end building a Surface application

We will be doing another set of Surface training in the coming months around Europe. If you would like some help building amazing Surface applications please let me know. We are providing some consulting and support services to help you bring out the magic in your Surface applications.

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