Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silverlight Mobile with John L Scott Real Estate

Some of the recent work I have been doing with Silverlight Mobile is showcased in an interview with John L. Scott on Channel 10.
This project has been done with a pre-release version of Silverlight Mobile and uses Virtual Earth maps to display real estate property near you on your Windows Mobile phone.
Credit is due to Tricky Business for the slick and clean user interface design.


Anonymous said...

Nice demo, the only thing that puzzled me, is why you would to see pictures of a nearby house on your mobile device (other than to showcase Silvelight capabilities:)).
Also I would love to have my hand on the code bits, really would like to do a mobile Silverlight application (yes, we do talked a bit at Vienna about it).

hINTModuleState said...

Please solve my issue and release your source code :

Sandeep said...

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