Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ARCast - Zero Defect Software

Another ARCast with Ron Jacobs, this time discussing zero defect software development.

Have we reached the point of giving up on the discipline of finely crafted software? Have we come to expect that every program will crash no matter what we do? I certainly hope not. We can and should do better according to my guest today Dr. Neil Roodyn. We have to have a zero-defect mindset so repeat after me... I will write zero defect software... I will write zero defect software...

Recorded at TechEd Australia, 2006


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

I really enjoyed this podcast! This is a topic that usally spots when I chat with my frieds. Unfortunately I am the only one who agrees with you.

Gabriel Gonzalez said...
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Gabriel Gonzalez said...

In somehow related to this topic I have publish someking of
paper in my website about Bug Classification

Since in your podcast I think most of the time you wer talking about "Requirements bugs" I think to mitigate the "Technological" ones the architects and designers should be aware of them, not only the developer.
They should impose some level of correctness from the system conception to the last line of code which would include those flaws that can be arisen due to the selected technology.

Some feedback would nice :)

Dr. Neil said...

Hi Gabriel,

interesting point. At what level should the avoidance of technical bugs should be considered in the architecture?
I think this is mostly an issue for the developer to solve at coding time. I am a strong believer in emerging architecture for a system based on the lessons learned during the building. This is not something that can be preplanned.
I also think that it is important to have an experienced developer(or more than 1) on the team to help push the emerging architecture in a good direction.
This is good feedback and provides some ideas for a future show - thanks.