Monday, September 04, 2006

Demoware from Microsoft

I have previously posted here on my lack of approval for Apple's iLife demoware. The iLife product looks great in demos and then produces content that can't be viewed on any other platform than OSX.
Well this time it is Microsoft's turn to take the stick. I have been playing around with updating my website. I want to do it using ASP.NET and use the standard 'out of the box' controls. You can see what I have produced so far here
This looks great using IE 6 on Windows XP. In FireFox or Safari it doesnt work quiet so well. It looks like the menu control doesn't scale correctly in FF and totally doesnt work in Safari. The contents don't scale in either FF or Safari. Image alignment doesn't work in FF.
I am only using the standard controls and I am building a v. simple site. I am impressed by the tiny amount of code I have to write to create this site. I am very dissapointed it doesn't just work on all browsers. I could understand there might be issues if I was doing something 'clever' but a basic site like this should just work.
If Microsoft carries on building tools like this then they don't deserve the loyalty of web developers.


William Luu said...

And some parts of the page don't look "proper" on IE7.

For example, the content on this page ( gets chopped off after the "Coder to Developer" link.

Dr. Neil said...

Hi William,
yes it is bad that the controls don't behave as expected in IE7. Looks like ASP.NET 2.0 is for IE6 only.
I would like to think Microsoft would address this with a service pack. I hope they do it v. soon!

Anonymous said...

First of all make sure it's W3C validated: (hint, it's not at present), and stop using MS software to create pages. Also, < table >, < tr >, and < td > are so 1990s....get with the < div > / CSS revolution!

Dr. Neil said...

Next thing you will be telling me to hand code all the HTML! ;p
I agree it is annoying that so much of the ASP.NET generated code uses < table >'s.
It is shocking that a tool released at the end of last year doesn't provide the CSS as a default. I have since discovered the CSS Control Adapter Toolkit ( Why was this not baked into the product? When will it be released?
Come on MS bring your web developers into the new century.

Anonymous said...

Up the hand-coding!

Talking of CSS you should have a look at: for some very impressive feats, particularly some of the menus which are beautifully cross-browser and XHTML compliant :)

Anonymous said...

Did you tell ASP.NET in the browsercaps section to render Firefox as an up-level browser?