Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes 3

Show number 3 is up.

Welcome to Dr. Neil's Notes
Breakfast by the beach - Cogans, Billy Hollis, Luke Burton, UberTablet Geek Family Ortagas
Doing the night shift - a week of getting up in the middle of the night for LiveMeetings
Vista LiveMeeting for Sync Center
Virtual Earth Madness - want to win an XBox 360?
AusDotNet -
Origami discussion
Estimating time for developer jobs
Break it down - break it down
New version of Windows Live Messenger Beta
what happened to seeing contacts by status?
Happy Coding
Background music by Alex


Anonymous said...

Like the show - sorry don't like the background music!

Kean said...

I actually enjoyed the music, but I can always get that elsewhere. The time format is great - too many podcasts ramble on-and-on. Thanks Dr Neil!