Saturday, June 18, 2005

eXtreme .NET MSDN Technical Briefing

Yesterday I presented for a full day on eXtreme .NET in London. It was a lot of fun and I hope everyone who attended had a great day.
Many thanks to John allwright for kicking the day off and to Sean Puffett and Marcus Perryman for their superb demos that provided the audience with relief from my voice!
Topics discussed included:
-Automating the build process
-The Planning Game
-Test Driven Development
-MSF Agile
& plenty of demos showing off new features in Visual Studio 2005


Praveen Joshi said...

Hello Dr. Neil,

Thanks for the informative session on agile programming. Your presentaion was excellent and made us all aware of simple tasks that can be implemented to write quicker and better code.


TMotshegwa said...

Hello Dr Neil
Your talk was insightful, bringing to real life classical problems in software engineering. I was one of the few in the audience who did not have experience of extreme programming, heard of it somewhat, but had dismissed it as yet another panacea in the quest for the holy grail in software engineering. Your practical slant was refreshing coupled with the use of simple existing tools to illustrate the concepts.
I am reassessing my views in light of your talk.

Only other comment; I would have thought you would put extreme programming in the context of the overall evolution of software lifecycles, not only cite the waterfall as you tended to do, hence my question about Barry Boehm’s spiral model

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk.
Great presentation skills.

Tshiamo Motshegwa

Anonymous said...

It was excellent event.

I was my first experience of eXtreme methodology.

I have enjoyed thoroughly.

I thought you said the slides (PPT) would be posted on MSDN Post events?

Could you make them public somewhere? My colleagues & I would have liked to read them

Anonymous said...

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