Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dr. Neil's Phone Map saves the day

I've recently been doing a whole bunch of development with the MapPoint Web Service.
For the local Sydney Microsoft team I wrote a small mapping application for their Windows Mobile devices.
Today I had this IM conversation with one of the team, Lawrence Crumpton:

Lawrence says: yo Dr. Neil... I'm on my smartphone... I have to send through a testimonial on how your PPC mapping application saved my life. literally.
Dr. Neil [Sydney] says: wow - how?
Lawrence says:was with a group-we got lost with no map and found our way into a not so nice neighborhood. I remember having the app pulled it out, took the address off the building across the street and got a map to the city! it was very impressive. great job.
Dr. Neil [Sydney] says:cool!

How long will it be before we can all have maps on our phones? Apart from being able to talk to people I still believe this is the killer application for mobile devices.

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William Luu said...

Sounds like a really cool app!