Monday, September 27, 2004

Too busy to blog

Blogging seems to be one of those things I can do more of when there is less to talk about!
When I'm doing lots of things that would probably be interesting to put in my blog I am too busy doing those things to write in my blog!
This leads me to wonder if blogging is a way of creating something interesting when there is nothing else interesting going on :)
I know when I was writing my book my blog became a good distraction.
Now that my book is pretty much done. I'm back out on the road working with companies and visiting interesting places. Some of what I am doing I cannot put in blog as I have signed many NDAs in the last few months. The rest of it I could bring you up to date on.
I am now in San Francisco. The sun us shining and life is good.
I flew in the other day from Seattle where I have been for the past two weeks.
In Seattle I was doing some work with Microsoft. Everything I am doing revolves around the mobility space. This includes Tablet PCs, Windows Mobile and MapPoint.
MapPoint has really got me excited now that it is possible to have maps on mobile devices. Watch out for some articles and code samples soon.


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